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Having your fuse board serviced is as important as having your boiler serviced every year. A fuse board that has been left untouched for sometime runs the risk of developing loose connections which reduces the lifespan of the appliances plugged in to the circuit and increases the risk of a fire significantly.

Loose connections are a common problem that develop by a number of possible ways. some of these include.

  • Over Heating. ( Overloading of cable which becomes brittle)
  • Vibration. ( Doors slamming, passing traffic on the road)
  • Incorrectly torqued connections at installation stage
  • Too many cables in one connection terminal

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The only way to prevent/secure loose connections is to have your fuse board serviced regularly and have all your connections checked by an R.E.C.I Registered electrician.

When having your fuse board serviced, your electrician should also check the following throughout your home.

  • Polarity of all power circuits.
  • Earthing of the Kitchen Sink.
  • Earthing of the main Gas Pipe.
  • Bonding of the Hot Press.
  • Bonding of the Gas Boiler.
  • Visual inspection of Main Earth.
  • Continuity of Main Earth.
  • Neutralising link present.
  • Testing and verification of RCD’s.
  • Testing and verification of RCBO’s.
  • Visual inspection of of Switches and Sockets.
  • Test Connections in Cooker.
  • Test Connections in Shower.
  • Testing of Smoke/ Heat Detectors.

Remember, it is very important to have the above checks done on a  yearly basis. If you have never had these checks done it is extremely important that you have an R.E.C.I Registered Electrician visit your home to do so. approximately 80% of the inspections we carry out have had loose connections. It only takes a few minutes to rectify a loose connection which will prevent a bigger problem at a later stage.


Looking to have your Fuse board Serviced?

Here at 021Electrician.com we can take care of your yearly fuse board service for you.For a very limited time at a cost of only €60.00 (inc. vat), we will call to you your home at an agreed date and time and carry out all the above checks. We will check your home from top to bottom and upon completion we will issue you with a report stating our findings and any safety issues that may come to our attention.

To book your service now simply Freephone us on 1800948628 and we will book you in for a date and time that suits you.



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Please note: All services are carried out by an R.E.C.I Registered and Insured Electrician who will be up to date with the latest training and E.T.C.I Regulations.

Please note: The fuse board service does not include replacing any defective MCB’s/Fuses or any other parts throughout your home. Any electricial defects found throughout your home will only be rectified once permission has been granted and a fair price agreed.

Please note: The special offer ( 50% Discount introductory offer) is genuinely a special offer for a limited time. The price will return to the R.R.P of €120.00 (inc. vat) at any stage, but the price you see now   is the price you will only be asked to pay.

Please note: the price listed above is only available to homes not containing more than 4 bedrooms. If your home is bigger than the average 4 bedroom home please phone us for a quote.

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